Ongoing Outreach Ministries

Our Outreach Ministers have a deep desire to help alleviate the suffering of the poor, needy, and distressed people in St. Anne’s geographical area and throughout the world.  They participate in various local and global projects that bring comfort and help to those in need.  The Outreach team leader is John Bates. Please call the office for more information about the following ministries.

“Miller Keystone Blood Drive” …. All of us will either know someone who will need blood at some time or will actually have a need for ourselves or our family. Annually St. Anne’s sponsors blood drives at the church.

“Everlasting Life Ministries” …. Their ministries provides food, clothing, medical and fellowship for the homeless and those in need. Last year St. Anne’s congregation, in a three week project, collected and provided over 1,200 lbs of food to help ELM and their ministries which we will be doing again this year. Annually we help ELM by providing holiday meals and fellowship for homeless individuals and families during the holidays.

“Advent Giving Tree” …. During Advent St. Anne’s places a Christmas Tree in the parish hall with previously identified “gifts needed” ornaments on the tree. Parishioners and visitors to the church then take ornaments and purchase or provide the items listed on the ornaments. In turn these gifts are taken by parishioners to the nursing homes or an elementary school with children in need and the gifts are opened at their Christmas parties.

“The Bread Run” …  On the 3rd Thursday of each month, bread and pastry products are picked up at the Trexlertown Giant and delivered to the Salvation Army in Allentown.  If you are interested in helping this beneficial, ongoing outreach program and/or for more details, please contact John Bates or Chuck Abbott (contact information available from parish office).

“Meals on Wheels” …. Multiple members of our congregation have long contributed their time, resources and fellowship in delivering meals to those who benefit from their efforts.

“Daybreak Meals” …. Quarterly members of our congregation shop, prepare and serve meals for as many as 70 people in need. Daybreak is a Lehigh County Conference of Churches program that reaches out to individuals who are active in or have successfully completed treatment for mental health, HIV/AIDS and/or drug/alcohol abuse. The program provides life skills training, talk time, membership and 3 meals daily.

“Nursing home visits, the Eucharist and rides to church” …. Weekly our Deacon and Eucharistic ministers visit various nursing homes to provide fellowship and the Eucharist to those who are not able to attend church. We also have members who regularly provide rides to church for those who are able and have a desire to attend services at the church.

“Cell Phones for Soldiers” …. St. Anne’s has been designated as a collection site for used and no longer wanted cell phones. Cell Phones for Soldiers then dismantles those cell phones, sells the precious metals and usable components. Those monies are used to provide cell phone minutes for our soldiers.  Please note ONLY cell phones are accepted, no packaging or manuals, no charging cords are accepted.

“Backpacks for the Homeless” …. The Outreach Team and the congregation are filling “backpacks for the homeless”. The backpacks will contain a blanket, stocking caps, gloves, scarves, toiletries and other necessities in a small backpack so they can carry the items. Some of our parishioners will be carrying these backpacks in their cars so they can use them as they encounter the homeless. As we have in the past , we will also partner with Everlasting Life Ministries who serves those in need through their food bank and ministries and they will also distribute these back packs as appropriate.

“DIAPER DRIVE … helping a friend” The Outreach Team has hosted a diaper drive the last two years. These diaper drives are for the benefit of those served by the Philadelphia Diaper Bank, Easton branch that covers the Lehigh Valley and neighboring communities. The campaigns have been very successful.  For ongoing opportunities to donate diapers please go to Lehigh Valley Diaper Bank website.

“United Thank Offering” …. Annually our congregation, using the “Little Blue Box”, saves their spare change to provide support for the ministries of the Episcopal Church worldwide. The congregation looks forward not only to the opportunity to support the project  but also the annual saga of “Little Blue and Little Bluette” as presented by Nancy Gordon of our congregation at announcement time each Sunday.

“Other Ministry Teams Reaching Out” …. The Outreach Team encourages you to visit our other Ministry Teams on our website to see how those teams ‘Take It To The Streets’ by reaching out in their own ministries.


The ongoing projects listed above are only a small part of the Outreach St. Anne’s congregation performs. All of our teams provide Outreach in some way, not only our community, but to others outside the community and  throughout the world.  Our parish has provided thousands of dollars and many thousands of hours in support of our Outreach.

Below are some of the other organizations or projects we have supported either financially or with our time and talent:

Doctors Without Borders, Pediatric Cancer Foundation of the Lehigh Valley, Mary’s Shelter, Salvation Army, Church World Services, Episcopal Relief and Development, Wounded Warrior Project, New Bethany Ministries, Jefferson School Christmas , Crop Walk, Souper Bowl of Caring, African Palms, Numerous local food banks, LVCC soup kitchen, Trinity Episcopal Bethlehem (toiletries and non perishables),  and many more.