Nurse Notes


So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed……            John 8:36(NIV)


Blessings on  Memorial day. Just to inform you that this will be the last Nurses Notes until after Labor day. Hope everyone has a happy restful and relaxed Summer!!

Are you flying anywhere this summer?

Just remember that the bin where you place all your bags at the security check in   has been found to be the most germ laden area of the airport. Once you have gone thru and gotten your bags, either wash your hands or use hand sanitizer.

Avoid getting sick at your holiday cookout

Don’t just look at the meat’s color on the grill to determine if it is fully cooked. Instead use an instant read thermometer whenever you are grilling. Cook burgers to at least 160 degrees, chicken to 165 degrees and steaks to 145 degrees.

Watch your Watermelon intake

One of almost everyone’s favorite Summer food, it is important to keep in check how much you consume. It is a healthy fruit loaded with vitamins and other good things but, It’s also loaded with sugar. One slice of watermelon or one cup sliced has 12 grams of carbohydrates. Enjoy this seasonal fruit, but in moderation.

Drink smart

While everyone knows the importance of staying hydrated this Summer, Remember to think before you drink.

Water either plain or sparkling can be good choices, but add a lot of fruits or sugars and you are once again consuming too much sugar.

Ice teas are a good choice, but unsweetened is the best. If you must add sweeteners try Stevia or Monk fruit which are natural and have zero added sugars. If you are out and do not have the Stevia and want to order tea, try unsweetened instead of sweetened tea with a little added natural sugar. Your sugar intake will still be less because many sweetened teas are sweetened with lots of sugar and corn syrup which makes their sugar intake way too high. Rethink Juice also because even though they are loaded with fiber and many vitamins and antioxidants they are also (you guessed it) loaded with sugar.

Here’s a little tip… fill you cup with half the amount of juice you want and the rest with sparkling water and serve cold over ice.

How to stay cool and safe from head to toe this Summer. Aim to schedule all full sun activities before 10 am or after 2pm to avoid peak sun rays.

 Stick with shades

Buy and wear UV sunglasses that block at least 90 percent of the harmful UV light. Wrap around styles are the best to keep the sun from sneaking in on the sides of your face.

Remember the three L’s

Keep you summer clothing loose, lightweight, and light colored to avoid overheating.

Protect your feet

Everyone wants to wear flip flops over the summer, and it is a good idea to keep your feet covered and protected. Use them wisely but avoid them when you are going for walks or bike riding or cutting the lawn as they could create a problem with foot injuries including bad cuts and scrapes.

A little treat for your holiday picnic

Strawberry Sorbet

4 cups of strawberries, cut in half with stems removed

4 Tablespoons of pure Maple syrup

one small lime juiced

1/2 cup of water

Place prepared strawberries in a zip lock bag and freeze for four hours

Blend frozen strawberries, maple syrup lime juice and water in a high speed blender to desired consistency

Serve right away or freeze another four hours for a more frozen texture.