Stewardship at St. Anne’s



Every year St. Anne’s, as well as other congregations, take time as individuals and as families of faith to discern what we will do to contribute to our family in the coming year. Now I know the first thought for many of us when we hear the word Stewardship might be to think, they want money again. From a practical point that is exactly what it would be however while we still have to be practical we don’t belong to this family for practical purposes but rather for our Spiritual life and health.

Over the next month we will be sharing much regarding why what we do means so much to not only our spiritual health but to many others who we serve. Money is an important part of our survival as a community of faith but it is by no means the most important. What we do as individuals and as a community to spread the Word and Minister to those who need our good works is even more important.  We will be looking, listening, and discerning over the next weeks pas we prayerfully consider how we will commit our resources, time and abilities to our Mission and Ministries over the coming year.

“4 Weeks, 4 Stories, 1 Request”

Reflections for each week will be added as we move forward.  

Faith Filled Generosity Reflection Week 1

Faith Filled Generosity Reflection Week 2

Faith Filled Generosity Reflection Week 3

Faith Filled Generosity Reflection Week 4


Let us offer our gifts, so that God will bless and break them like holy bread and use them to nourish the world.

As Jesus fed thousands on a hillside from a small, shared meal,  let our shared gifts multiply and bring God’s kingdom near.

Creator God, gather our gifts from the four sacred directions as we give your thanks.

Let us offer our holy gifts as seeds; may we plant and water them with God’s help; may God’s grace yield a harvest of new life.

With grateful hearts, let us give what we have.  With joyful hope, let us give for what can be.

Let us love God and love one another by offering our gifts to the work of love. Amen


Stewardship Team Outlook: We on the stewardship team are an experienced core of volunteers. We wish to keep together the current team and have interested new people join us. Possibilities for team organization for next year 2021 include co-chairpersons. However, we are open for discussion and new direction.

Activities of the St. Anne’s Stewardship Team

Promote and coordinate with the St. Matthews Society, a group of parishioners who have made investments in the future of St. Anne’s Episcopal Church. Please see the nearby Planned Giving page.

Stewardship tries to submit an article for every issue of the St. Anne’s Eye, the quarterly newsletter of the church.

We meet monthly on fourth Sundays (between services) at 9:00 AM. A typical agenda includes discussion and planning of communications with the parish, for example content for the Sunday service bulletin (when necessary), the stewardship bulletin board in the parish hall, and for the church website. We get news from the Vestry liaison to Stewardship and discuss ways to support parish initiatives and projects.

A key responsibility of Stewardship is to plan and manage an annual campaign to raise awareness of our responsibility to make a financial commitment to St. Anne’s. Collectively, our pledges of giving allow the Treasurer to fill out a budget for the year ahead. Consecration Sunday is the culmination of the campaign and the day that we request pledges be submitted.

Team members are encouraged to attend meetings of the Bethlehem Diocese Stewardship Commission.  It meets first Monday of the month four times per year. Further information is found at

Other Resources  TENS’ vision is to provide training and resources for stewardship leaders across The Episcopal Church and beyond