St. Anne’s Profile Vision for Our Future Shepherd

St. Anne’s is seeking an energetic, multi-talented leader to usher in an era of revitalization in the parish.

The new rector should be engaging and kind hearted, an approachable and giving person driven to share God’s love. The individual should have a clear vision and plan for how to strengthen the parish while being adaptable to the hopes and needs of the existing members.

Other qualities the new rector should embody:

A spiritual guide who presents dynamic, thought provoking sermons that relate to everyday life.

Ability to appeal and communicate multi-generationally.

Takes a hands-on approach in leading and managing the parish’s programs.

Ability and desire to take an innovative approach in breathing new life into Christian Formation with a background to match.

Active, sensitive and engaged in pastoral care.

Driven to stimulate participation and stewardship in all forms.

A unifying presence in the parish and in reaching out to the community.