Santa Claus

and Wormholes

Santa-Claus-reindeer-deer-sled-present-christmas-xmas-water-north-pole-toyIn an NPR story last December, scientist David Green, tongue-in-cheek, suggests that “Santa’s just telling everyone to watch the chimney as a distraction from what he’s really up to.” What he’s really doing is sliding at lightning speed through wormholes. (Wormholes are shortcuts through the universe.) This got me thinking about just what these wormholes might be.

As Christians Christmas is remembering Jesus’ birthday when God entered the world in the form of a baby who grew and ministered among us. Through Jesus, God offers eternal life through His resurrection, which we celebrate on Easter day. Jesus came to proclaim that God’s kingdom is near. Mary sings about the kingdom in the Magnificat—“he fills the empty with good things.”  And Jesus calls us to be part of that kingdom by clothing the naked, feeding the hungry and releasing the prisoner.

So, what does all of this have to do with Santa Claus and wormholes? Perhaps we are the wormholes through which St. Nicholas visits children everywhere. And not just the very young, but all of God’s children. We are the ones to clothe the naked, feed the hungry and release the prisoner. It is with great thanksgiving that we celebrate our call to give these gifts to those in need, not just this season, but throughout the year. Be the wormholes through which Christ brings new life to all people!