Our New Spiritual Leader

The Rector Discernment Process

To the St. Anne’s Faith Community,

Your Search Team needs your help in determining what our vision for our next rector will look like. Also, how will that leader and our congregation move forward together by continuing the many ministries we currently perform. More importantly, how will we as a congregation spread those ministries and grow our influence. We can do this by spreading God’s word through those ministries to those outside our congregation. Our hope is that others will  join with us in that most important mission of “Living God’s Love and Telling God’s Story” here at St. Anne’s.
Below are a list of five questions we need your help in answering so that we can develop a vision that tells our potential new rector what they can expect to be part of.  Please take the time to share with us your responses to these five questions. You can do this in group meetings (dates and times will be announced), in individual meetings (you can arrange this by speaking to a team member or contacting the church office to arrange a date and time), in writing on the forms provided in fellowship hall, via confidential email to one of the search team members or via confidential response through the St. Anne’s website following the instructions here on the web site.
Please pray with us that God will provide His grace in guiding us with the wisdom, resources and faith to accomplish the task before us. God bless us all.

Your Search Team