Our New Rector

On May 1, 2016, St. Anne’s welcomes new rector, Fr. Don Schaible, who was recently selected by the Search Team and affirmed by the vestry as its new spiritual leader. 

Schaible joins St. Anne’s upon the departure of interim priest Nancy Packard, who admirably served the parish for eight months following the departure of beloved, longtime rector Fr. Michael Piovane.

In Schaible, the Search Team found an earnest, dedicated individual whose commitment to his and others’ faith is constantly evident. The Search Team looks forward to the rest of parish learning these things and more about Fr. Don as we begin our journey together.

Schaible has a strong background in education as well as being very involved in Christian Formation for all age groups.  When asked to preach for the Search Team, Fr. Don not only presented a sermon that was relevant to today but felt it was important to first read the scripture of the day so that the relationship to the scripture was there for us.  Most recently, Fr. Don has been responsible for two small parishes in the north section of the diocese. Due to the size and resources he had to maintain a full time job as a prison chaplain to support his family.

For insight into Fr. Don’s desire to shepherd and commitment to the pastoral care of his congregation: When Fr. Don was called to his recent parishes, the churches were suffering and had lost many members. Fr. Don felt it was his personal responsibility to visit every one of the many families who were no longer attending to learn what had caused them to leave and what he could do to help rehabilitate the relationships.  He completed this mission and was successful in returning many to the parishes.  His parishes, while in small towns with many other churches in the area, became the go-to congregations for the many Outreach programs in their area and even the mayor and his staff call on his congregations to lead many of their projects/programs.

Some of the most important attributes you asked for in the rector search surveys was a rector with a good background in Christian Formation, a priest whose sermons are bible based and relate to today’s life, a priest who would shepherd his flock with strong sense for pastoral care and a priest who is approachable with a sense of humor. You wanted someone who would work to first understand St. Anne’s, help us maintain all that is St. Anne’s, and only then use his ministry to help us continue to evolve to all that we can be.

In Fr. Don, the Search Team believes it has found that shepherd.



I would like to offer the opportunity to sit and talk and get to know each other better.  If you are interested, I will be happy to meet individually, with your family, or in a group.  I would be glad to hear about you, your experience of St. Anne’s, any concerns or needs you may have, as well as answer any questions, or just talk about what comes to mind.  Please see me or call the office and we will arrange a convenient time and place to meet. 

Fr. Don.