Nurse Notes


“Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body.”                                                                         ~ Proverbs 16:24


Warning concerning certain OTC Sinus medication

Check the labels of your sinus medication carefully as some contain BOTH Phenylephrine and Acetaminophen. The Acetaminophen increases the effects of the Phenylephrine which can cause High Blood Pressure, dizziness, and tremors. Always consult your Doctor before taking OTC medications especially if you are already being treated for Hypertension.

Useful website – Care givers guide website gives practical information on behavioral, financial, legal, and medical issues for caregivers. Some of the topics covered include self-care for caregivers * medications management * Dementia problems including sundowning and other related problems.  Website:

Rapid HIV and Hepatitis C testing is done free, anonymous and confidential at Lehigh Valley 17th street campus, Monday thru Thursday from 9am to 3pm, Friday by appointment and the second Weds of the month from 4pm to 7pm. Contact the hospital directly with any questions.

Eat the right stuff

Eat more fiber…A recent study found that increasing your fiber intake can prevent certain diseases such as some types of cancer.

Eat more fruits and vegetables….There is evidence that decreased intake of fruits and vegetables can cause premature death

Make time for tea…Increased intake of tea has been shown to lower the body’s inflammation levels which has been linked to an decrease in cancer risks in some people. While green tea appears to be the best, Black tea also has some of the same qualities.

5 Steps to Brain Health

1.Exercise regularly

2.Learn new things

3.Get a good night sleep and keep stress under control

4.Eat a brain healthy diet such as leafy green vegetables, salmon, tomatoes and dark chocolate and remember to stay hydrated

5.Strengthen your social connections. Avoid becoming isolated.

February is Heart Health Month so here is a good choice to add to your diet that will benefit your heart…


Vitamin content: Spinach is by far the healthiest food around for the amount of calories it offers. A 30-gram serving only has about seven calories, but it contains more than your entire days’ worth of vitamin K. Also, it contains vitamin E, which is beneficial for your heart health.

Heart Benefits: Vitamin E plays an important role in your vascular health, which directly affects your heart health as well. A serving of spinach provides only about three percent, but this is enough to support your health.

How to Enjoy: Steamed spinach makes for a great dinner time side dish to your meal at night.



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