Nurse Notes

  “Carry each other’s burdens and in this way            you shall fulfill the law of Christ”                                                         Galatians 6:2


One in five Children won’t drink any water today according to new research. Instead they will go for sweeter beverages and consume twice as many calories from the sugary drinks then those children who consume some water. Start small…have your child replace one drink a day with water and build up the amounts over a period of time. The health benefits will be worth the change.


Talk to your child about vaping and you may be surprised that their knowledge of what it is and the dangers involved are very limited according to new research. For example: in a survey recently done over 48 percent of the kids did not know that vaping contained nicotine a highly addictive and dangerous substance. They thought that e cigarettes were 100 percent safe. It is important to find out what your kids know and help them to understand the dangers of vaping and e cigarettes.


Many Grandparents are putting their young grandchildren at danger without even being aware. How? By keeping their medications in a non-secure location without child proof caps. Poison Control reports that accidental ingestion of medications by young children is on the rise. Take your medications and place them in a secure before the Grand Kids come to visit.

Beware of nose waxing to remove nasal hair, as these hairs protect nostrils from harmful environmental particles. Removing the hair reduces immunity and makes you more subject to infections. You can use a trimmer to keep the hairs short and comfortable.

Organic Milk has no levels of pesticides or antibiotic residue when tested but some brands of non-organic milk contained anywhere from 25 to 60 percent residue in samples tested. These residues were well above Federal Guidelines.

Bottled Cold Brew Coffee has a lot more in the extra caffeine. These products found on the grocery shelf are known to be loaded with lots of added sugar (up to four teaspoons and fat filled cream and some contain sodium bicarbonate which can add lots of sodium to your diet. Some add as much salt as consuming 48 potato chips. Read labels carefully when buying cold brewed coffee.

Food doesn’t taste as good when standing. A study found out that eating on your feet does lead to less consumption also which may help with weight reduction. Standing also helps people tolerate unpleasant tastes such as some types of medications.

Americans eat 70,000 micro plastic particles every year. These are tiny microscopic bits of plastic from food and water containers and the breakdown of plastic products in the environment. The health effects of this consumption is unknown.


Don’t forget you Flu Shots! Now is the time to get them to protect yourself from the Flu. Boost your immune system by drinking plenty of fluids getting your rest and WASHING YOUR HANDS OFTEN!!