Nurse Notes

If you listen to constructive criticism, you will be at home among the wise.

Proverbs 15:31



When someone has a stroke, every second counts because there are blood clotting drugs that can reverse or decrease the severity of a stroke but there is a limited time for them to be given. There is only a four-hour window from the onset of symptoms to medication to be given for it to be effective. So, it is important to get help right away. There is a simple test for you to do to see if someone is having a stroke. The test takes less than one minute to perform and does not require any time of special training.


The three questions that can save a life:

  1. Ask the person to raise both arms at the same time and hold them up

Warning sign: if one arm is slower to raise or one arm is lower or one arm appears weaker

  1. Ask the person to smile

Warning sign: the smile is lopsided

  1. Have the person repeat the following sentence: “Linda Loves Lemon Lollipops”

Warning sign: Speech is Slurred

If ANY of the above is noted, call 911 immediately! DO NOT DRIVE PT. YOURSELF. The reason is that the medics on board the ambulance are trained to examine the patient carefully and can call ahead to make sure that the patient is seen ASAP in the ED.


Here is a way for you to tell the difference

Cold:  Runny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion  Flu: Runny Nose

Cold:  Sore throat (usually scratchy)   Flu: Sore Throat and Headache

Cold: Cough   Flu: Cough

Cold: Low grade fever or no fever   Flu:  Fever higher then 101 and chills

Cold:  Mild Fatigue   Flu:  Moderate Fatigue and Weakness

Cold: No Achy Muscles and Joints   Flu:  Achy Muscles and Joints.

If your symptoms seem to be cold in nature, there are some home remedies that you can use including drinking lots of fluids, rest, keep the home humid if the air is dry, gargle with warm salt water.

Antibiotics do not help and should not be taken. If you develop any flu like symptoms or if  your symptoms don’t improve within a week, then speak to your doctor. Remember the BEST protection for flu or colds is WASH YOUR HANDS OFTEN.


As many of you know, MRI creates images by use of powerful magnets. That is why you have to remove jewelry prior to getting the test done.  Also, if you have any kind of metal in your body such as plates and pins from previous surgery you must make the doctor aware before taking this test. But did you know there is metal in many tattoos? The black and red ink in many tattoos contain iron oxide which is magnetic and may cause painful burns during an MRI. Always make your doctor and technician aware of your tattoos before getting an MRI.