The clergy and the people of St. Anne’s offer condolences and prayers for families and individuals who experience the loss of a loved one. We are assured that in this life and the next nothing can separate us from the love of God.   Clergy is available for prayer, conversation, pastoral care and planning of a funeral.

Because the Episcopal funeral service is a service of worship, it is appropriate to hold the service in a church, unless considerations of space prohibit. The Church and its services are available to all. It does not matter whether the deceased was, or the survivors,  are member of the Church or not.The clergy at St. Anne’s are available to help and support you as you grieve the loss of a loved one.

Please call the church office at 610-398-3321 immediately upon the death of your loved one  so that we can support you in your time of grieving as well as funeral arrangements and planning.

Parishioners are encouraged to leave funeral requests such as hymns, scripture passages, participants in the service on file with the parish office. Leaving such plans makes it easier for families to plan appropriately at the time of death.